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If you're experiencing EFT blocks and it appears that EFT is not working for you. Becoming aware of these blocks and knowing how to deal with each one will increase your EFT's effectiveness significantly. Try one or all of the following tips to remove EFT blocks:

Psychological Reversals

Reversals, often called Psychological Reversals or Polarity Reversals (PR), are important obstructions in successful EFT therapies. A primary key to effective treatment often lies in identifying the different types of Reversals and in knowing how to neutralize them.

General Polarity Reversal can be caused by negativity, electrical devices, additions, depression, .. The standard set-up procedure helps for most General Polarity Reversals.

The Secondary Benefit Syndrome reversal occurs when the subconscious mind perceives that it is better or safer to keep a problem than to eliminate it. Now you can use the setup with a statement focussing on your subconscious that wants to keep the problem. Even though I don't really want to get over this PROBLEM I deeply and completely accept myself.

Being Dehydrated - drink water

It is important to drink water before you go through the EFT procedure. If you are dehydrated it can affect your results because you're working with your body's energysystem and water is a conductor of electricity. Lack of water is often the number 1 trigger of daytime fatigue.

More info on EFT blocks at www.healingcancernaturally.com

Being Specific

Frequently beginners are not specific enough in the setup. If you're working with a physical symptom, be specific in where it is located and what it feels like (e.g. sharp pain in right shoulder). Evision the situation or issue and get in touch with smells, sounds, sights, or colors, if necessary.

Core Issue hasn't been found

Ask questions like: "When did the problem start?", or "What was going on when it started?" Often problems like allergy, asthma or migraines started coincidently about the same time of a divorce, death, or traumatic accident in the family.

Other questions for finding the Core Issue are "If you had your life to live over, what person or event would you just as soon skip?" and "What else does your problem remind you of?"

Shifting Aspects

Complex issues often have multiple aspects which become apparent when the intensity level is lowered on the main issue, thus revealing a lesser issue. So you'll have to treat all the aspect with EFT.

The Need for Human Touch

If you've been tapping on yourself you may need someone else's energy and focus to help you get clear. Sometimes a person just needs the personal assistance of others.

Inadequate Knowledge of EFT

EFT is a relatively simple technique. But there are lots of components of EFT that require study and practice. If your skills, when you tap alone, or the skill of the practitioner are incomplete, then the results of EFT will be less.

Lack of Motivation

Some persons don't want to change their life that is not working. I feel I have an obligation to respect someone's right to choose for themselves unless it involves harming themselves or others. You can't help someone if they really don't want to be helped.

Energy Toxins

Energy Toxins and Substance sensitivities sometimes block EFT. Sensitivities can be caused by something you just ate, by clothing, by carpeting, by pets, by a watch, by jewelry, ... Toxins can be medications a person has been taking or drugs.

Sensitivities can be cleared with EFT by touching the object in question with one hand while tapping with the other. The set-up, three times, might be "Even though I may be sensitive to my dog, I ask my body to accept it as safe and healthy." Then do one round using the reminder: "This sensitivity to my dog." Do the second round saying: "I ask my body to accept my sensitivity to my dog as safe and healthy". Do a final round alternating those statements on each of the points.