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FAQS & Answers about EFT

One might think that 1 EFT Round would cure every problem. That’s a hopeful thought, but we’re not quite there yet. This page with Questions and Answers about EFT will help us in gaining a greater proficiency in EFT Tapping.


eft tapping Which phrase should I use while tapping?

We distinguish a Setup Phrase and a Reminder Phrase. If you have a headache, for example:

Setup: "Even though I have this headache, I deeply and completely accept myself".
Reminder: "This headache".

Your phrases have to be specific. When you go to a doctor, he will ask you all kind of questions to undeerstand your problem. Where does it hurt? When does this problem occur? How much does it hurt? So the general phrase knee pain becomes more specfic my left knee hurts in the morning when I step out of bed.

Use your own language, the words where you are familiar with, for example use back pain in stead of lumbago if back pain is the word you usually use. Imagine you are explaining your problem to your best friend, this can help you in finding your own words.

eft tapping What is psychological reversal (PR)?

A psychological reversal is an objection to healing. It is a form of self-sabotage including any limiting belief or consideration a person is holding, that prevents him from healing and changing now The Setup Phrase is intended to be the built-in antidote for psychological reversal (PR).

A person may believe: "Because I have this issue, I am a bad person." The generic Setup phrase antidotes the psychological reversal with "I deeply and completely love and accept myself." But some people balk at the idea of accepting or loving themselves and for others, self-acceptance is NOT the issue. There may be other forms of psychological reversal that need antidoting. These include:

Possibility: "I can't get over this issue."
Worthiness: "I don't deserve to get over this issue."
Safety: "It's not safe for me to get over this issue."
Secondary gain or loss: "I will lose _______, if I get over this issue."
Authority: "My doctor says I will always have this issue."
Identity: "I can't release this issue, but the issue is part of who I am."

So sometimes you need to create your own Setup Phrase.

eft tapping What is the Parts Setup by John Freedom!

A simple powerful way to design your own Setups is to use the following template, the Parts Setup:

The limiting belief (PR): "Even though A PART OF ME thinks that______
A positive truthful fact: THE REST OF ME KNOWS that______ and
A positive action: I'M WILLING/CHOOSING to______."

Neutralize the limiting belief (psychological reversal) by a truthful, unlimiting fact and insert a positive action you're willing choosing to take.

An example of a student who believed that she "could not do anything right.":

"Even though A PART OF ME thinks that I can't do anything right,
THE REST OF ME KNOWS that I do some things very well and
I'M WILLING to love and accept myself whether I do things well, or not."

"Even though A PART OF ME THINKS that I can't do anything right,
THE REST OF ME KNOWS that I've held a responsible job for many years, and
I'M CHOOSING to focus on what I do well, rather than on what I don't."

"Even though A PART OF ME THINKS that I can't do anything right,
THE REST OF ME KNOWS that I am intelligent, competent and capable, and
I'M WILLING to learn to tap on myself, and get the results I want."

John Freedom uses the same limiting belief, but with different antidotes and choices. By openly acknowledging, confronting and disabling the specific PR, the "real issue" is tapped away much more easily.

eft tapping Why does the EFT focuses on the negative?

What if I use positive statements instead? Affirmations are designed to take you in positive directions.

EFT, on the other hand, is not designed to take you in positive directions. Its purpose is to eliminate the negative and pave the way for the positive. That is a different goal.

One of the critical elements in EFT's effectiveness is that one must "tune in" to the problem. If the client focus is on positive thoughts, the energy disruptions wouldn't be there and so the problem could not be addressed.