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What is Imaginary Tapping

Imaginary Tapping is a useful EFT technique when we are in public and don't want to be seen using EFT or when we are physically not able to tap. So we are replacing the real physical tapping with tapping imagined by ourselves.

How to do Imaginary Tapping

We think about the issue, we want to tap on, and visualize the tapping points. Say the setup and reminder phrases in your head and imagine that you are tapping. This works because energy moves with our intention.

When can we use Imaginary Tapping

Imaginary Tapping is a handy EFT method to use when you are actually experiencing the problem. Without saying words and without tapping with your hands, you imagine the tapping points when you are feeling discomfort, ex. when you are in your doctors waiting room or when you're in bed and don't want to wake up your partner. Use EFT Imaginary Tapping for getting to sleep.

A very interesting situation to use Imaginary Tapping is when you're are in a conversation and the other person is making you feel unhappy. You'll get stronger and more able to defend yourself.

Practice with this EFT Technique when you have time and when there actually isn't a problem, so you'll be prepared when you are in stuation where Imaginary Tapping can by useful.

Video on EFT Imaginary Tapping

What is Surrogate or Proxy Tapping

Surrogate Tapping or Proxy Tapping is something else than Imaginary Tapping. With Surrogate or Proxy Tapping you are actually tapping on your tapping points, but you tap on your body to help someone else. You can tap for your husband, for your kids, for family or friends.

But before using Surrogate Tapping or Proxy Tapping there are some things we have to think about first.