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Relieve Depression using EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques. If you know that the depression is due to something that's happened in your life and you just can't shake it, you may want to give EFT a try.

Removing the barriers to life that cause depression. EFT is the right tool to use. Slowly one block after another got removed with EFT. I no longer believe that I had a depressive disorder, but simply that I did not have the tools to handle life properly.

If you are struggling with depression, one of the best things you could do would be to find a qualified EFT practitioner.

Work on the Foundation of Depression. EFT helps to deal with unresolved emotional issues. Sometimes what is labeled depression appears to be nothing more than the "down state" caused by being overburdened by a long list of unresolved emotional issues. Take care of the burdensome list and you remove the foundation from beneath the depression.


Going from feeling depressed to feeling happy is like leaping from the ground to the fifth floor – all in one jump. So start your EFT tapping therapy where you are depressed! I find it can feel really good to make a long list of everything I’m feeling bad about! Start by tapping on that list. It might start something like this:

Even though I hate my life, it would be nice if I could love and accept myself anyway.
Even though everything is shitty and I don’t feel good about anything, deep down I think maybe I’m OK.
Even though I feel heavy, depressed, discouraged and hopeless, I think it might be nice if I could accept myself and all my feelings.

Then tap on your list. Just go down your list of everything that’s horrible and tap on one statement at each point. Add in anything that comes to mind as you’re tapping. And if you’re so depressed that nothing much is coming up, just tap “This depression,” or “I’m so depressed,” at each point.

Keep tapping on all your crappy thoughts until your mood lifts, even just a little. If you don’t budge at all, return to the top of this list. Or, tune in and fill in this blank, “It wouldn’t be safe to feel good, because…” Listen for what comes up. Then tap on that.


Using EFT for depression treatment can cut the length of treatment dramatically. Some clients are often able to go off their anti-depressant medication and return to their lives with renewed energy, optimism and self-esteem.

With EFT it is no longer necessary to suffer through months of emotionally painful weekly therapy, or to tell your traumatic story over and over again, searching for meaning.

There are some important tips to remember when using EFT for Depression. The popularity of EFT is exploding and many people are learning it and using it on their own, without the help of a therapist. While many people experience impressive results, others get stuck and prematurely give up on the technique before realizing its vast potential to truly transform their lives and expand their sense of possibilities. Some of the most common reasons for incomplete or ineffective EFT for Depression are: