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  1. Select an specific and clearly stated issue / problem that is bothering you to work on (ex. I have pain in my left hip).
  2. Think and feel the problem / issue and
  3. Fill in your Statement! (make changes where necessary).

  4. Fill in your Reminder:
  5. Speed of Wizzard:
  6. Choose your Set Up Point and potential other points!
    1. Set Up Point! Karate Chop Sore Spot
    2. 9-gamut procedure:
    3. Top of Head (TH):
    4. Beneeath Nipple (BN):
    5. Inside of Wrists (Wr):
    6. Tips of Fingers (TF):





















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    Take a deep breath in and let go any tension in your body.

    Re-rate the SUDS and compare with the previous SUDS.

    Your previous SUDS is

    Rate your new SUDS