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A wonderful article on stopping bedwetting using EFT.

One woman came home form a workshop learning EFT tapping and try it on her family. Her husband had a migrain, so she asked him if he would be willing to try EFT. He did, had success, so then they tried it on thier five year old boy for bedwetting treatment.

Their 5 year old had been wetting the bed nightly for over a year, so they decided to try it on him. They tapped with him saying:

Even though I can't wake up in the middle of the night to pee, I'm still a good boy.
Even though my bladder can't hold enough, I am still a great kid and mom and dad love me very much

Then they did the reminder statement of 'can't wake up', 'the bed is wet', 'I try but I still can't', 'my mom and dad still love me', etc.

The next morning no more bedwetting and the boy has been dry ever since.

No more pills, alarms, doctor's appointments, etc. Remember: Try EFT on everything!!


A successful bedwetting case about an 8 year old girl and solving her bedwetting problem. Notice how EFT was not aimed directly at the bedwetting problem and how more aspects eventually showed up.

I just chat around with the child to see what came up. Miss 8 years old has recently started at a new school and has many fears when it comes to new experiences. Our first chat consisted of what was happening in her day, how she was getting on with her new classmates, new teacher and generally how she was managing.

It came up that for the first time she was having mental arithmetic, this made her very anxious as she felt unable to remember the answers quickly enough, especially her times tables.

I suggested that I could show her a neat way, maybe a little weird, but fun way to reduce her anxiety and maybe help her remember what she needed to know. She liked that idea so I showed her the tapping points, and we Tapped...

Even though I hate math and canít remember the answers quickly enough I really am a great kid.
Even though I donít get too many right, Iím still a terrific kid.
Even though I canít think when I have to answer quickly, what if I could know the answers ?

After this ďWhat ifĒ question her eyes lit up, she said she did know the answers, just couldnít say them quickly enough. Well we tapped for her being able to answer quickly and several other things, like a boy harassing her, swimming lessons, and fights with sister. No mention of the bedwetting. She didnít bring it up and nor did I.

Two weeks later and her Mum said there had been no more bed wetting. Furthermore she had learned how to swim and could put her head under water and go the width of the school pool. A major breakthrough.

Two more weeks went by and the bedwetting started again. At first I thought it hadnít worked but after another chat I discovered that it was an entirely different aspect.

Her first School camp was coming up and she had all sorts of fears about that, the biggest one was that some of the other kids had told her she had to cook her own meals. There was also the fear of activities that she did not like to do at all, she is not an outdoors girl, doesnít even like camping at all.

Well we tapped for everything I could think of that she was talking about, in fact most of the time I just tapped while she talked. Last week, she phoned me to say she had been in the school swimming sports and had come in third in a race, very exciting. I also heard how she was looking forward to the camp, was working with a group of girls to prepare their first camp meal. Had the menu worked out and knew exactly what was going to happen. All the fear had been taken away and anticipation and excitement filled her. Still no mention of bedwetting in any of our conversations. And of course no more wet beds.


Set up statement Ė Karate Chop

Even though I donít know why I wet my bed, Iím a great kid and Mum/Dad loves me.
Even though I donít have control and I donít wake up at night to go to the toilet, itís okay and Mum/Dad loves me.
Even though I donít like wetting my bed, Iím a great kid and Mum/Dad loves me.

Top of head: I still wet my bed
Eyebrow: Donít know why I wet the bed
Side of eye: I feel yucky
Under nose: Donít like wetting the bed
Chin: Why donít I wake up?
Sore Spot: I want to be like everyone else
Side: Donít want to wear night nappies/pull-ups
Wrists: Donít want to wet my bed!

Round Two: Set up statement Ė Karate Chop

Even though I feel ÖÖ{insert childís own words} when I wet my bed, Iím a great kid and Mum/Dad loves me.
Even though my bladder/where the wee is stored {choose age appropriate wording} hasnít grown enough yet to hold all my wee at night, itís okay and Mum/Dad loves me.
Even though when Iím asleep my brain isnít getting the message that I need to go to the toilet, Iím a great kid and Mum/Dad loves me.

Top of head: I feel ÖÖ{insert same words as used above}
Eyebrow: Canít hold all my wee at night
Side of eye: I want to wake up to wee
Under nose: My brain doesnít get the message
Chin: I want to wake up
Sore Spot: Itís ok that I still wet the bed, Iím a good kid {choose words that the child relates to. This part replaces where an adult forgives themselves}
Side: I know Iíll grow out this (change wording to suit)
Wrists: This will stop when Iím older

Take note of the thoughts and emotions that come up while you tap on the above script because those thoughts are a guide to what you should tap on next.


One of the most wonderful things I have discovered about EFT is the way it spreads from one person to another. You never know who you will end up helping when someone you share it with ends up passing it along.

I taught EFT to my good friend, Joanne a few months ago, and she has been using it with regular success in a variety of ways. Now, this summer she has her grandkids visiting from out of state, and her grandson Jakob has become EFT's latest beneficiary.

Jakob (8) and his sister Heather (16) arrived several weeks ago to stay with their grandparents. After arriving over-tired, and a little stressed out, Jakob wet the bed. This has been an ongoing problem at home. His Grandma didn't want to push too hard, so she just told him "Jakob, you know, I have this technique that could help with this." He asked her, "Grandma, is it having to wear big diapers, or not drinking water at night?" She said, "No, it's not like that." A few nights went by without an incident, as she took what he said to heart, and had made extra sure to limit his liquids close to bedtime.

After a third bedwetting incident at his Grandma's house, she decided to ask him if this problem was bothersome to him, and he just sort of said, "Mmmm, no." Then a little later in their errand running, he piped up, "Well, Grandma, yes it does bother me because I can never have a sleepover or go to someone's house and this is the reason why." So his Grandma told him, "Well Jacob, you know we could do this technique." Jakob said, "Well. Let's wait to see if it happens again."

The next day they were going out to Starbucks and he told his Grandma that his head was hurting. His Grandma asked him if he'd like to try the technique for his headache, and he said yes. He told her from 0-10 the pain was about an 8, and as he was tapping he thought it was funny and started to laugh, and it dropped to a four, they did it a little more and it dropped to a 2 and then it was a zero.

When they arrived at Starbucks, he told his Grandma, "It jumped back to a six!" So his Grandma did another round for "this remaining hurt." And then she got the sneaking suspicion that he had only told her it was back to a six because he had been enjoying the attention so much! After this final round, he was no longer holding his head or frowning, and never said anything else about his headache.

Joanne called me to let me know something else interesting happened since they tapped for his headache. He hasn't had any more bedwetting accidents at night! In fact, his older sister has even agreed to sleep next to him when he's konking out, whereas past experience has told her this was dangerous territory! Jakob is staying dry, and he never even tapped on the bedwetting, but since this was the issue that his Grandma first brought up when telling him about EFT, it may be possible that he was "tuned in" to the problem the day they tapped for the headache. Who knows? Jakob and his grateful Grandma are just glad it's helped.