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EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques and is a treatment which is also usable as a self-help method. This therapy was developed by Gary Craig (www.emofree.com). With EFT, in a very short time, a large number of physical and emotional symptoms can diminish or even disappear.

You tap on certain meridian points and simultaneously you focus on the problem by speaking aloud sentences that are related to your problem. Tapping the acupuncture points restores the disruption of energy flow in the meridian system. This disruption caused your problem.

EFT versus Traditional Therapies

Within the traditional psychotherapie lives the following vision:

Negative experiences cause symptoms. We must process these experiences in order to remove them. This is a long and painful process.

According to EFT a traumatic experience causes a disruption in our energy system. This disruption can lead to some psychological and / or physical problems. If a trigger (a situation, a smell, a picture, now and here) activates the memory of a trauma, than you get a reactivation of the disruption in our meridian system. So the symptoms associated with the trauma come active again. When we bring the energy in harmony with EFT, we get a favorable effect on the symptoms. With EFT we don't analyze these memories. We don't focus on changing the thoughts that cause the disturbance. The solution is simple:

Focus on your problem and bring your energysystem in balance by tapping on various acupuncture points. This creates peace in your body and emotions. Stress and pain reduce or even completely disappear.


EFT can be applied with considerable success to many conditions e.g., trauma, phobias, physical symptoms and treat addictions. The goal is desensitization: neutralize the memories of emotional and physical pain.

EFT is very good with children. Think of problems such as bedwetting, concentration disorders, ADHD, afraid of the dark, ... Even your pet can benefit from EFT.

EFT can be used to supplement an existing therapy. Always consult a doctor when you have severe physical symptoms or if you want to stop with a particular treatment or medication.

A guarantee for the effectiveness of EFT can not be given. Experience has shown that with EFT in the following areas success has been achieved.

Physical symptoms

Mental problems

The advice of Gary Craig: Try it on everything.


  1. Analyze the problem and find the aspects

  2. EFT is a relatively simple method, following fixed steps. Formulate the complaint and try to divide the complaint in parts, called aspects. Such aspects may include feelings, thoughts or physical sensations. A problem as Exam Fear may include the following aspects:

    • the anxiety during the study
    • headache during the learning
    • the time pressure during the exam
    • other students who submit their exam
    • the fear to have insufficient time to study

  3. Focus on an aspect and rate the disturbance

  4. When all aspects are identified, every aspect is handled by the EFT method. By focussing on one aspect of your problem, the disturbance becomes active again.

    We measured the intensity of the disturbance, the emotion or memory currently being experienced. We therefor use the Subjective Units of Disturbance (SUD) scale. This is a scale of 0 to 10, where 0 represents a stress-free and complaint-free experience, while the 10 embodies the highest levels of negative emotions such as stress, anxiety, sadness or tension.

  5. Correct the Psychological Reversals or Polarity Reversals

  6. Self Destructive, negative thinking unconsciously blocks the achievement of our goals. By a neutralizing affirmation, Statement, we can temporarily remove psychological reversal. By wrong conclusions learned from traumatic events, we end up in a state of psychological reversal.

    Some examples:

    • Even though I still have a terrible headache, I deeply and completely accept myself..
    • Even though I am scard of the dark in my bedroom, I am still a great kid.

    With such affirmations you acknowledge the disturbance and accept yourself, although the problem exists. Be as specific as possible in creating your affirmations.

    You say this affirmation 3-times while rubbing clockwise on the Sore Spot or tap on the point on the side of the hand, the karate chop (KC).

  7. The EFT Tapping Round

  8. Tap with 2 fingers on the meridian points, while you focus on a aspect of your problem saying a Reminder (short version of the statement) aloud, eg My headache during learning.

    You tap about 7 times on each point. The order of the points, tap left or right, tap with one hand or both hands, forget a tapping point, etc. .. doesn't matter. It is all about tapping on the main meridians.

    You choose which points you want to tap on. Usually the following basic tapping points are used:

    • EB - eyebrow - bladder 2
    • SE - side of eye - gall bladder 1
    • UE - under eye - stomach 1
    • UN - under nose - governing 27
    • Ch - chin - central 24
    • CB - collarbone - kidney 27
    • UA - under arm - spleen 21

    You can expand the tap round with some additional tapping points. The top of the head point (TH) is used before the EB-point, after the UA-point or before the EB-point and after the UA-point. The others tapping points are used after the UA-point.

    • TH - top of head - yang meridians
    • BN - beneath nipple - liver 14
    • Wr - inside wrist - upper yin meridians
    • Th - thumb - lung 11
    • IF - index finger - large Intestine 1
    • MF - middle finger - pericardium 9
    • BF - baby finger - heart 9
    • KC - karate chop - small Intestine 3
    • eft points

    Extra: 9-gamut procedure + repeat the EFT Tapping Round

    If you have problems with tuning into the problem, the 9-Gamut procedure can help you, because these 9 actions are designed to convince both brain hemispheres to integrate a new desired situation.

    You constantly tap on the gamut point and follow the following 9 steps: keep your head straight and calm during the gamut procedure.

    • Close your eyes
    • Open your eyes
    • Look hard down to the right
    • Look hard down to the left
    • Move your eyes clockwise
    • Move your eyes counter clockwise
    • Hum the first line of Happy Birthday
    • Count aloud: one, two, three, four, five
    • Hum the first line of Happy Birthday

    After the gamut-procedure we retake the tapping procedure.

  9. Evaluation

  10. We retake Step 1: focus on the aspect of our problem and measure the intensity again. We compare our result with our previous SUD-score.

    We repeat step 2 and step 3 until we reach a SUD score 0. Our statement and reminder will be adjusted slightly.

    • Statement: Even though I still have a terrible headache, I deeply and completely accept myself..
    • Reminder: My remaining headache.

    If you have a SUD-score 0, than you can treat another aspect of your problems with EFT.