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EFT Matrix ReImprinting by Karl Dawson

Matrix Reimprinting is a new EFT technique to change your relationship with your past and dramatically transform your physical and emotional health in the present.

EFT works with what has happened, while Matrix Reimprinting changes what has happened. and fills the void with a new picture.

We are all comprised of energy, and connected by a unified energy field. We hold our specific traumas and stressful life experiences in that field and they influence our every thought pattern, behaviour and action.

When a trauma takes place part of us splits off to protect us from that trauma and this is why we often don't remember a traumatic event. This goes into the Matrix, not just as memories but as specific energy bodies, which are named Energy Consciousness, Holograms or ECHOs.

With the Matrix Reimprinting technique you interact with these ECHOs of your younger self. You can give your ECHOs new tools or resources and allow them to express themselves differently in the situation. You can then imagine taking your ECHO to a safe and comfortable place allowing them to experience new and positive emotions in the situation.

Some of the benefits of Matrix Reimprinting include:

For more information on Matrix reImprinting: www.matrixreimprintingbook.com